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Toz's Collections Update!

If you're in the community chat, you might have noticed I like to do (somewhat crazy) collecting projects. I have a nearly complete Cards Pokedex (one card for each Pokemon), an in-progress Kids Pokedex, and others, in addition to my main collections. I've recently started another project, though..

Dragon collecting!

I have 5 specific items, and I am trying to get one of them for each Dragon Pokemon. (Yes, it's much like Gin's electric collection, but she doesn't mind. ;) ) I can't collect all items of all of these, of course, but I might pick up other figures and plush if they're available. Those key items are:
Tomy figure
Kids figure
Pan sticker
Pokedoll (Any plush, really, but Pokedolls if they exist)

Of course, those don't all exist for all Pokemon, but I think I'm doing pretty well so far! This was helped by my latest YJ additions in the box that arrived today:

Whee~ A few of these aren't going in the collections - Clear Ampharos is reserved for jedi_amara! I don't collect Skitty, but I do find it adorable and since I really like mini-cots anyway, I'll be keeping her.
Also, some of these are from the comm! The tissues and vending card are from soddymothdust , and the tiny Salamence and (oh so cute) Latios mini-cot are from kiraras_lemon . Thank you ladies!
Most of the Dialga are duplicates, but the vending card and pose figure are now on the updated Dialga FTW. I'd been drooling over the pose figure (that big one in the middle of the back row) for the last week after seeing a mention of it on AAPF, without knowing CS already had one in a lot I bought. I took it out of the bag of misc toys, found out it was rubbery and not in my collection..and that it only had 3 legs. As I said out loud "Oh no Dialga leg please be in please Dialga leg please please" I finally found one. WHEW I do not need to get another of this early 2007, so hard to find figure! This was especially lucky, because some other figures in the bag (a big posable Grovyle I'd never seen elsewhere, and a small Groudon) were also missing pieces, and they weren't included in that bag.
There are tons of items also in this box (a whole bag of in-case figures, what?!) that will be going on my next sales post.

So, this dragon collection I mentioned is coming along a little bit. Here they are!

These guys are so cute! I'm thinking that since there are no Pokedolls for this line I'll try and find each of their bell plush instead, but that might be a bit much ^_^; So maybe I'll just fill in the gaps with other plush, or have customs made. I'm not sure yet!
Missing: Dragonair pan sticker (I had one and sold it, darn it) and plush.

The only Dragon in the line, and so the only one I collect! Not much stuff exists for him, though.
What's missing: Zukan. I need to have a custom plush made of him, probably. I think Theredbat would make a pretty neat plush of him in her style, but she's not open for commissions yet...

Vibrava and Flygon! These guys don't have Pokedolls either, but I'm thinking I'll use customs to fill in the gaps. I'm not collecting Trapinch since he isn't Dragon-type, but Vibrava is definitely included.
What's missing: Vibrava Kids figure, plush for both.

The singing bird. She's very lucky to have a Pokedoll made!
What's missing: Just the pan sticker! you might guess, I collected Salamence before I started this project. I love the big dragon in game and started collecting him <3
I really like this collection, but poor Bagon and Shelgon are really hard to find anything of. They're the last Tomy figures I'm missing, too!
What's missing: SALAMENCE POKEDOLL (dangit), Bagon Kids, Bagon and Shelgon Tomy, Bagon and Shelgon pan stickers.
I doubt anyone has the Salamence Pokedoll they'd be willing to sell or trade, but I'd trade several other rare/desirable Pokedolls for it if anyone does...

I've always been fond of these guys, too. The Zukan was a mini-grail for me - as soon as I found out there was one, I went crazy trying to find it. I lucked out and got it for a total of only $18 (while the Kingdra zukan went to 4800 yen, what the heck?) I don't collect these two hard, but I'll pick up cute items if I see them, or pull them from lots I'm selling. ^_^
What's missing: Nothing, yay! I have the Latias Tomy around somewhere, don't know where she is, though.

I've always liked him, too! I bought the big posable figure on YJ just because I thought it looked too cool to pass up. A lot of Rayquaza plush (including this Pokedoll) have really weird mouths, but I like the figures!
What's missing: Zukan. I also have the clear version of the Tomy but it's still sealed in the boxed set it came in, and the non-shiny Kids is lost around my house somewhere. I think the shiny's perfectly adequate, though!

This collection is so small, it makes me sad. =( Most of the items I collect just haven't been made for these guys yet - their Zukan is coming out in October, and the Gible/Gabite Tomy figures don't come out until later this year.
What's missing: Gabite Kids. Zukan, Gible/Gabite Tomy, and plush don't exist yet.

Heh, yeah. If you know me, you probably know that this is a small chunk of my Dialga collection. The rest of them can be viewed at my collection site, Dialga FTW.
I'm proud to say that I own every variation of the items on my list for this guy....except the pan sticker, which I'm missing 4 of. I have all the clears and alternate poses of the others, though! Yay!
What's missing: Nothing at all!

Where there are Dialga, Palkia usually tag along, although apparently not in the upcoming movie where he's featured with Giratina. Anyway, most of these came in lots or sets I bought with Dialga, and I wouldn't mind selling off the ones that aren't in my 5 items list (Kids, Tomy, Pokedoll, Zukan). This is the only one I'll sell the extras of, though. ;)
What's missing: The pan sticker.

Another small collection. I don't really think I MUST collect both forms, but since Origin Forme (as well as normal form) will be all over Japan this month and next, I may as well pick up the 5 items I collect.
What's missing: Zukan for normal form, and the Zukan/Tomy/Kids/Pan sticker of Origin Forme.

Thanks for looking! And as always, please let me know if you're selling any of the missing stuff. ;)
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