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~Collection Update: Tail Charm Edition~


Yay! It's that time again! I finally had free time to do a proper collection update. I've been putting it off since December. So there is a ton of back lag and a plethora of items I need to go over! This post is so big I'm going to split it in two! Come on in and I'll show you my......tails!


My gigantic overdue usakochan parcel came in the mail last month and let me say that it is a BIG one. 
My gets......lets of course start out with my new lovely pokedoll.....


Since I recently completed getting all my main lines in pokedoll form from Usakochan I decided to start on my side collection pokemon. c: Yes, I know. I'm crazy. I HAD to start off with Furret! Furret is one of my teammates in Silver and I've loved them since. The design is just too adorable and needs to be in pokedoll form! This doll....this doll is perfection. She always makes my designs picture perfect but this one exceeds my expectations by 100! She did such an amazing job bringing my design to life! AAAAH. It's the exact proportions I imagined. Everything is the right length and width. The pattern and embroidery is outstanding and the way the tail curls over is dead on to what I wanted. I have a lot of Usako pokedolls but THIS one might be one of my top three favorite dolls she ever made. PERIOD. I love you and your work girly! <3333333 Thank you!

So the other half of my Usakochan parcel and probably the bigger part of it was........tails.....Okay, let me start off with how I decided to get these in the first place. Being a Emolga collector, I came across a sales post where a fellow Emolga collector was selling off their collection. In it was an Emolga tail charm made by Usakochan. I snatched that up instantly. This was a year ago. Then in October last year I thought, I love this Emolga charm I feel all my pokemon with tails should have one too.  I told Usakochan if she'd make them and Sentret was one of them. This was back in October last year. I had NO idea they would eventually make a promotion WITH PLUSH TAILS AND A MATCHING CHARM. X_X Let alone one that features Sentret!!!! How crazy!!!! Usakochan! They're watching you and you're amazing ideas! They must pay you royalties! So, now I have this unique Sentret charm that will eventually go in my Official Sentret charm pokecen collection. <3333 So all you collectors out there, ya better believe they'll make anything you decide to commission. Be it a pokedoll, a shiny or a special promotion item. There is a decent chance they'll make it. XD

So here is my haul!!!!!! All my favorite lines....that have tails that is. :3 And it all started with that Emolga tail. These are so well made! I seriously pull them out and just admire the construction of the tails. They are all made differently. The Floatzel tails are connected. *u* The Lugia tail starts thick but ends thin. Such a cool detail! Zigzagoon's has ridges on the inside of his tail too! Raichu's tail is bendable. The Samurott tail is beautiful. It's probably the most unique out of the bunch. Just the way she constructed it is amazing. It's really sturdy but thin in the middle. There's individual pictures of these on my collection site which I'm currently updating. I'm very happy to have these and really hope they continue the tail promotion so that maybe in the future these will be purchasable for everyone.  Thank you Usako for all your hard work and such a great Christmas present. 


Furret wasn't the only Usako pokedoll I received in my parcel. Introducing Angry Shroom! I guess while she was working on my commissioned Shroomish the face didn't look like my design and maybe she started over. Only for me to see this one and buy it as well. XD I couldn't resist. I have twin Shroomys now. In two different expressions. I just can't resist Angry Shroomy. 

He's a little smaller than my first Shroomish and his head tufts are shaped differently. For such a simple pokemon there are a lot of  differences in the pattern. They're both so unique. I:<

Both of my Usako Shrooms. <333333 

Wheeeee! The only bat plush I ever wanted! Halloween Golbat! His wingspan is sooooo big! And his little haaaat! I hope he pops up in more Halloween promos. 

I forgot to show off this guy last time I was showcasing my Eevee mini pokedolls. Yes! Lugia you are a beast and I love you. I hope you randomly get more merch and promos in the future! Aaaah! This mini is so glorious! I got the new re-release pokedoll too but forgot to take pictures but they are extremely different from his old release. I guess I save that for next time. 

Eeeeeeeee! One of my May wants obtained! I thought this one would be a toughy but lo and behold I have one! :3 Now I just need a charm figure/bandana and megablok. May! *u*

Not much new Sloth or Shroom items lately but I did come across these Japanese Book pages of my faaaavs! New art! <3 I just love how Shroomish are mugging Wobbuffet and you know Slakoth is up to something with that string. 

Aaaaah! I know everyone has been posting about the new Raichu pokedolls but I'm late to the game and want to show off mine too! I'm still thrilled Rai Rai got a pokedoll and such a lovely perfect one at that. I ended up with four. X-x He's just too much for me to handle. The best best BEST pokedoll I've seen in a huge while. 

Another Rai item I recently received is this AMAZING custom Raichu pokedoll charm! Made by Winterfresh. ^-^ He's a little bigger than I expected so I'm still trying to figure out where to put him. He might be used as a necklace for one of my Rai dolls. 

Oh my goooood! Here's a mini-grail I never thought I'd obtain. I've always wanted one! Always failed to get one and just never thought he would come again. This beauty is my FIRST official bell plush. I've never had one before and it's so amazing that Raichu could be my first. He's the only one I really wanted to begin with. This one is in pretty much mint condition, I just wish he had the box. The way the legs bend and the feet and ears are too cute and the bell still rings. I love how yellow he is. He's my golden little treasure. 




Took long enough. XD Aaaaah. Slaking you are so majestic. Just look at that new back view pose and his laughing face! New art! Whoo! God, these settei's will be the death of me. I've only seen this one ever. I missed out on a Vigoroth settei but he was in a set that I was too late to bid on. At least I have a thumbnail of it and I have yet to see Slakoth's settei. Gaaah! I want them! Slaking got to me a little wrinkled due to its plastic sleeve but its nothing a bed mattress sitting won't fix. Getting this just makes me so happy. I know in the future, I'll find the other two. It gives me hope. Eee! Slaking!

I recently joined a GA for charms! I actually finished MOST of my lines now. Including some for Norman's team and extras Pokemon I really like or had on my team. All I need now is Blissey. 

These are AAAAALL the Pokedolls I received for Christmas last year. :3 Squirtle escaped my photoshoot somehow. Aaaaah! It's always a nice Birthday treat to go visit the Nintendo Store in New York during the holidays. Every plush that I wanted was in stock and Zach treated me to most of them for my Birthday or Christmas but I couldn't touch them till then. >:[ Even though I seen him buy them. Haha. I'm really happy to have black and white kyurem and Zekrom and Reshiram Pokedolls. And Terrakion completes my set of Musketdeers. The tied on hang tags still bother me though....

I ADORE these Eevee and Pikachu figures. I just had to get them all! Excuse the lighting. My room always makes everything very orange-y or red. The poses! Ah! They are all so awesome. They're bigger than I thought. Almost as big or bigger than a tomy! Look at Jolteon's little smile and I love how they had a couple laying down. <3
New poses! Zach says heart eye pikachu is saying "I wanna grab your boobs!". 

I've also been bitten by the Jakks bug and decided I needed the Eevee line. All I need is Glaceon and Eevee. Jolteon is not happy he is in the display case all by his lonesome. He will be presently surprised that the rest will join him soon. 

I've had these for awhile but I finished the I <3 Eevee plush keychain collection. I think Flareon and Jolteon are my favorites here. They sit a top my HD cintiq. :3 I always get to look up at them when I draw. 

I think I mentioned in my last post that I was getting this in the mail but now its here and in use! It's so tiny it can fit right in my purse. Yet what I REALLY love about it is that it can hold 24 games! I still have one whole side I haven't used yet. I'm very happy with this purchase. c: I can't wait to put X and Y in here.  I love having useful pokemon items. 

My collection site is slowly updating with all these new items. Feel free to look here:

And if you have anything for sale or know where to find anything on my WANT LIST. Please comment!

That's it for now! My next post will feature my newest Emolga gets since I've been procrastinating his update. I'll have lots of good stuff to show you though! I actually left a lot out. I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Can't wait to start seeing Valentine's day posts. 


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