baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

kids and plush auction! update~! and group auction WON!

Hi guys! Just wanted to put in a notice for my auctions ending in about a day (tomorrow, 10 PM CST)~

Angrychu is at $11, if you want to bid, bid here!

Here are the kids, ending at the same time.

Original Espeon kid: Current bid $7
Raikou kid: Auction begins at $7 - No bids yet!
Houndoom kid: Current bid $7
Meowth 'n guitar kid: Auction begins at $5 - No bids yet!
Glaceon kid: Current bid $8 Bid here!

Annnd finally, that group auction for the loved plushies was won and each plush will be 6 dollars!
Payment for shipping comes later on once I have the items in hand, obviously.

Here's what people owe:
shrines: $12 for Hoppip and Squirtle
pacificpikachu: $6 for Dratini
tortoises: $12 for Mareep and Wooper
whoever I reserved Bulbasaur for: $6! You were in chat, but who were you??

And these items from that lot are still available:
- Horsea friends plush - $6
- Cleffa reversible pokeball mascot - $6
- Pichu reversible pokeball mascot - $6
- Grovyle McDonald's shooter - $2

(And for those waiting for glasses and charms: I will have them soon! Probably by next Friday.)
Tags: cleffa, dratini, espeon, glaceon, group auction, grovyle, hoppip, horsea, mareep, meowth, pichu, pikachu, raikou, sales, squirtle, wooper
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