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Second Sales post, new items and previous reduced!


Second sales post, and probably the last for another long while.

Orders from this post can be combined with those from my last, but please remind me. ^_^

Details are under the cut!

Haggling is welcome, but I will not accept trades of any kind and will probably not accept offers that are too much less than what I am asking for. ^_^;

*I will only hold items for 24 hours. Please pay me within this time frame!

*Paypal is the only form of payment I accept.

*I ship all items without insurance unless requested, by USPS priority firstclass, sorry! Shipping for all items will never be less than $2 for with in the US and $3 for international, but may go up from there depending on the shape, size and weight of what you are buying.

*I may refuse sales to anyone for any reason, but generally only for poor past experience or rudeness - we're all adults here, and know how to play nice. :)

AND NOW...Sales!


HUGE Manaphy UFO Catcher - LIFE-size, brand new and flawless! About 16" tall, not including the head-tails - $18


RARE TOMY Furret Plush - BRAND new with tag and flawless! About 8" tall. - $30


Yutakayumi Shiny Chibi Umbreon Plush - $68


Usakochan Custom Umbreon Hoodie - Made by the talented seamstress Usakochan. I love hoodies, but I don't ever wear it since I have so many. :( Flawless and beautiful, has embroidery of Umbreon on the front, gold-ring detail on sleeves, tail on bottom of hoodie and pokedex number on the back! Ladies size MEDIUM (I've got a 36" bust, and it fits me pretty well with some extra room.) - $80


Kids book/Kids figures/misc figures Kids book - $6, Moltres Kid - $2, Dewgong Kid - $2.50, Cresselia Kid - $4, Typhlosion Battle Museum Figure - $3, Quilava Battle Museum Figure - $3, Typhlosion Pencil Topper - $2, Giratina (first release!) Chougetto - $6, Random Latias Figure (some paint chipping) - $1, Latias Cellphone Strap - $5, Eevee Mystery Dungeon Figure - $3, Salamence Pin - $3, Kingdra Pin - $3, Rayquaza Watch (one scuff on face, works though!) - $7, SUPER RARE FURRET KEYCHAIN - $15, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 1 - $16

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