steelfangs (steelfangs) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zorua Collection/Collectors?

Yeah. It's me again! c:
I just had a quick question:
Are there any Zorua Collectors on here or does anyone know of any? I've looked through past entires with the tag 'Zorua' and so far haven't found any. I ask this because Zorua will be one of my 'main' collections and I would like to see a list or pictures of items so I know what's out there. I've googled some too and saw that quite a few people collected him when Black & White first came out along with the Zorua movie but every time I try to go to the source the picture was out of bandwidth or the info was gone...

This will be deleted after I get an answer as I'm going home tomorrow and will definetly have a collection update!
I don't want to be spammy is why. ~
Tags: zorua
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