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Quick Zukan GB - Gen 1 & 2 - won

I noticed the previous zukan GB but unfortunately missed the one i was after, luckily though i managed to find another one :)
Please read the rules in the cut and then comment if you would like to claim one :)



  • There will be three payments. Yahoo Japan to Noppin, Noppin to me, me to you.

  • Payment is due within 48 hours after the payment amount has been determined

  • here is the countdown click

  • I ship from the UK and will ship internationally

  • My feedback can be found here

  • I received sales permission on 12/12/12 by entirelycliched

  • Price will be $12.08 before fees,

  • I believe one of the kangaskhan is not available as it has been crossed off on the picture below

I will be claiming Noctowl & Hoothoot


1) Unkown line - baconscreation
2) Nidoqueen line devi_white
3) Parasect line -
4) Venonat line nostnostnost
5) Seel line nostnostnost
6) Kangaskhan with removable baby - babael
7) Articuno gallade007
8) Spinarak & ledyba line - raz2b
9) Aipom -
10) Stantler -
11) Smeargle xkull07
12) Miltank xkull07
13) Snubble line -
14) Teddiursa line- zukanhunter

we won the GB - there are still some zukans available so comment if you still want one
Tags: group buy
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