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New member Introduction

Hi Pokemon enthusiastic collectors. I just want to take some time to introduce myself to the community.
I'm Ryan, 23 years olds currently living in Seattle, WA. I have only joined the community for only a couple weeks. I have fallen in love with the franchise since it first saw it on TV in 1997. However, with the limited access that I had where I came from, I didn't get a chance to explore more of the fantastic of the Pokemon world. In 1998, I was introduced to the 1st edition Attack Amada stickers, and instantly fell in love with them. As time passes by. I have tried to find it, either in shop, or online, but to no success. In the beginning of 2013, out of a boredom moment, I input the search on Google, and bingo, there they were, in a post of a member in pkmncollectors community. And all the good memories have come back. Then, I have spent hours to admire all the collections that you guys have on the community. Immediately, I decide to collect them all the Amada stickers, as they are my childhood obsessions, thanks to the financial stability that I can provide myself at the moment. In a next couple days, I have also found another new interests, which are VS cards. These things are just beaaaaaaaaautiful.
So to make the story short, I'm currently collecting Amada stickers (especially the attack versions) and VS cards. I'm willing to buy and trade for the ones that are in my wish list, which I will work on the list later, since it's a fairly long list :D ). I will also update some pictures of my current stickers and card collections as soon as all my orders arrive. Maybe in the shortcoming future, I'll start to look into the zukans and plushes. They look really interesting too.
Thanks again for being a member of such a diversed and interesting group of people. Hopefully I'll make some friends along the way too :)
Tags: stamps
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