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Pokemon TCG sales and trades! Recent Ultra Rares and Plasma Storm, mostly

Hi all! I'd like to turn some cards into money more cards and so I've got some stuff up for sale and/or trade --- I'm looking for a bunch of playable fancy stuff from the new set. These sales should be interesting both to collectors (Shinies!) and players (EXes! Ace Specs!), so please do take a look. Here's a teaser:

  • I ship from Arizona, USA; I will happily ship internationally but will have to price it out for you since I don't know the new pricing schemes.
  • Sales permission granted on September 25, 2011 by dakajojo. Feedback here.
  • Shipping in the US is a flat $2.50 in a bubble mailer with delivery confirmation. (This covers shipping cost, the cost of the mailer, and the cost of the label printing.) If you want a plain envelope I can do that for $.50, and I've never had any problems, but I'm not responsible if the post office eats it or mangles it or replaces your card with a kiwi.
  • If I've priced something what you think is too high, feel free to ask for a lower price, though I may say no.
  • If I've priced something what you think is too low, I recommend you buy it. ;) Although if I made some terrible mistake, please do let me know!
  • I accept and even prefer trades! My want list is at the bottom of the post.
  • Some of these cards have duplicates behind them; if you think I might be sold out, ask.
  • The binder is kind of scuffed up but all of these cards are in clean sleeves inside the binder; if there's something I know of wrong with the card I will let you know. I'll also doublecheck if asked, though I think they're all fine.
  • I have cats. If you are that allergic, you could conceivably have an issue --- I can use a previously sealed sleeve/toploader to ship for you if you think that would help.

Shiny Catcher: $40
Tornadus EX FA: $27
Landorus EX FA: $32
Shiny Charizard: $70

Full Art N: $25
Full Art Skyla: $25 (hold)
Full Art Bianca: $20 (hold)

Full Art Cheren: $15

FA Registeel EX: $14
FA Mew EX: $20 (toda don't worry I have a spare one stashed for you <3)
FA Rayquaza EX: $22
FA Celebi EX: $10
FA Regigigas EX: $12
FA Kyurem EX: $14
FA Cresselia EX: $12
FA Cobalion EX: $32

Cobalion EX: $25
Landorus EX: $24
Darkrai EX (set): $15
Lugia EX: $38 (one left)

Zekrom FA: $5
Virizion FA: $7
Cobalion FA: $8
Terrakion FA: $8
Tornadus FA: $3

Victini FA: $10
Thundurus FA: $3
Reshiram EX FA: $15
Regigigas EX FA: $12
Articuno EX: $15
Dowsing Machine: $10
Scramble Switch: $10
Victory Piece: $3

Gardevoir: $15
Reuniclus: $10
Krookodile: $10
Altaria: $12
Rayquaza: $30

Mewtwo EX (promo): $6
Shaymin EX: $10
Giratina EX: $10
Terrakion EX: $12
Registeel EX: $10
Darkrai EX (promo): $6
Black Kyurem EX: $10
White Kyurem EX: $10
Celebi EX: $6

Zekrom EX (promo): $3
Reshiram EX (promo): $3
Shining Kabutops (1st edition, crease in bottom right corner): $35? I dunno
Klinklang BLW: $3.50
Gold Potion: $3
Klinklang PLS: $8
DCE first edition base set: there are three, make offers
first edition energy: $2
HP holo rare candy x2, one of them in playable but not collectable shape: $15 for both?

Rares are $1 unless listed here:
Infernape, Crobat: $2
Magnezone: $6
Manaphy all gone

I have PLS trainers for sale as well, including 16 hypnotoxic lasers at $6.

Ask about unplayable rares and commons/uncommons from the new set! I opened more than four boxes, so I probably have them and can throw them in.


High wants:

3x gold Random Receiver
3x RH Escape Rope
1x RH Plasma Frigate
3x RH Plasma Grunt
4x RH Plasma Energy
1x FA Victini EX
2x FA Articuno EX
2x FA Lugia EX
I can trade regular arts/non-holos for most of these.

Low wants:

1x RH Infernape
1x RH Magnemite (Metal Sound)
2x RH Manaphy
3x RH Gallade
2x RH Clefairy
1x RH Clefable

Non-Plasma wants:

Xx RH Expedition Switch
Xx RH Expedition Super Scoop Up
Xx RH Aquapolis Energy Switch
Xx RH Legendary Collection Energy Retrieval
Xx Tropical Beach (I can dream)
Xx Pokemon Catcher
Shaymin cards not in English or Japanese (unless it's the newest one in Japanese, which I don't have yet!)
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