nintendovgfan (nintendovgfan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

two new awesome plush gets

Hello there! In the past two weeks or so I have gotten two new plushies. I was super excited to receive both of these amazing plush and one of them is a very well made custom plush by a talented plush maker.
The first plush is the adorable and ever so popular Substitute plush. I was lucky to get this little guy before it being sold out and now priced ridiculous high. I really like how soft it is and it perfectly fits in with all my other plushies.

The other plush I got was this one of a kind Xatu Pokedoll made by the amazingly talented ballerbandgeek. When I saw it for auction I just knew I had to have it because Natu and Xatu are some of my favorite bird Pokemon. The details on this plush are just amazing and it looks like a official Pokedoll so it blends in with all my other plush and Pokedolls very well.

Natu and Xatu look so good together. The Natu Pokedoll was one of my high wants so when I found one I was so happy and then wished for a Xatu. Now Natu has its Xatu buddy.

I thought it would be fun to take a picture of Natu and Xatu making there own little totem pole.

Well thanks for looking!
Tags: custom, natu, plush, xatu
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