♪ Amber ♫ (eevie_chu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
♪ Amber ♫

On the hunt for Hoppip and friends~!

Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since my last post, and my Hoppip collection sure has grown! I wish I could show you all but I've misplaced the camera ;~; Once I find it I'll be sure to take some photos~

Anyway, I'm looking to expand my Hoppip line collection! A vast majority of it is custom and so I'd like some more official stuff. Especially plush and figures/keychains! I've tried looking on my own but Hoppip stuff is sure hard to find...
So, if you have any Hoppip, Skiploom, or Jumpluff stuff that you want to sell, please tell me about it!

I also collect other Pokemon that are similar to Hoppip, and I call them my "Greenies" collection. If you have anything of these Pokemon either, I'd love to hear about it:
-Cottonee (+ its evo)
-Oddish (or possibly its evo line as well)
-Cherubi (+ its evo)

I'm still needing enough feedback to be able to get sales permission myself, I can't wait to sell all my huge tcg collection that I don't want anymore. As well as some other things! So please, if I buy something from you, leave me some feedback!

Thanks for looking~
Tags: bellossom, cherrim, cherubi, cottonee, gloom, hoppip, jumpluff, maractus, oddish, skiploom, vileplume, wanted, whimsicott
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