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Gets and question

I introduced myself to the community a couple of days ago, but i just got some new plushes so i want to show them, so the pictures are going right



A little history for the second picture, i got those two today in a used toys store, i saw the jigglypuff an even tough i already have two of them, i just can't stand to come back empty handed when i go out looking for pokemon plushes, so after i decided to buy it i asked "do you have any other pokemon plush?" and then she reaches for a bag with some stuff and shows me the Bulbasaur, "only this but he lacks an eye", i felt sad for the little Bulbasaur and i didn't like the idea of it going back to that bag so i bought it (around 1 dollar o so). After that i started thinking, maybe i can get a new eye for him (i should start giving name to my plushes), then it came to my mind, i could get him an eye patch or a monocle with a hat (he would look like a real sir), so my question is, what would you get instead of his eye? maybe someone here can give me a better idea than the monocle. Also, i have the idea but how can i add a monocle and a hat? i don't really know so i'll be taking advice on how to make some mods to my plush.

Finally i'll show you some extras that i got which aren't first gen, so i'll probably trade or sell in my country :)


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