Megan Fleming (megguendo) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Megan Fleming

Mo' stuff

"Megaaaan GTFO the internets, you've got mail."

Oh thanks dude. (I should really wipe off that smudge on the monitor lol)

So I got the last package I was waiting for before I updated y'all.

And it was from kiraras_lemon!

Wormadam and Mothim Chou Get! Jeez they're so tiny XD I always think things are bigger than they are. Tiny things get me excited, though. Also, a Beautifly that sits on a stage with a ribbon. "Fun" story about her, the first thing I did with her was drop her and then spent literally an hour trying to find her again. Jeez it's not like I threw you sister. I'll be more careful for sure ._. Lol

Wormadan Kid and Beautifly stamp form denkimouse! I need to buy an ink pad before I can use Beautifly on anything, but she's still awesome.

More from her, freebies! They're... uhhh... cardboard things! And on the back it shows the Pokemon's type weaknesses/advantages and stuff. They're cool! And Mothim is sparkly =D You can't tell from the photo though.

Little Anorith from yaoi_queen! I've named him Spot. You can see why. But he was too small for me to focus on (I fail @ camera operating) so Treecko gave me a hand. Also, Rowdy on the computer screen =x That's what he was doing when I was looking for Beautifly.

Lol Wormadam is so intense. "LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER."

Just for fun, all my Bug figures (plus stamp) together. I'll do a post of my full collection eventually (Bugs and misc. Pokes)

So yeah, thanks you three! I love them all =D
Tags: anorith, beautifly, cascoon, combee, dustox, forretress, illumise, mothim, silcoon, treecko, vespiquen, wormadam
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