Emurii (emurii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Group Auction~

GA, anyone? Pokemon Master Club member-only figures.

With the current price, they'll be $1.60 a piece. The highest I'll probably bid, they'd still only be $2 a piece, so, it's a pretty good deal -- they're pretty uncommon. (2 days left on the auction.)

Bulbasaur bobblehead - emurii
Minun bobblehead - heenz
Plusle figure - heenz
Treecko figure -
Blaziken figure - yaoi_queen

Also, my Sales Post is now "make an offer" -- please make reasonable offers, guys, I'm not selling you 15 items for $5. That said, I'm willing to take pretty measly offers, cause... I really want to get rid of this stuff.
Tags: blaziken, bulbasaur, figures, minun, plusle, sales, treecko
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