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Eevee Ippai Collection sales! And sales/auction update preview |3c

So I finally got my Eevee Ippai collection set...

...after 22 tries with the devil gashapon machine until I can pull out a Umbreon @u@;

So at the end I got a lot of extras!

Yum somehow the machine is full of Eevees and Glaceons. And lack of the Gen 2 Eeveelutions ;w;
Current stock: Flareon x1 (the one with correct paws), Eevee x 3, Glaceon x 2. Others are gone now~

Each will be $12 shipped everywhere to the world!
In case if you wanna buy more than one, it will be +$10 for each extra one.

They comes with paper inserts too:

And since one of the Flareon has misprinted paws, he's going for $8/$10 shipped instead >w>;

And here are some extra photos of the gashapon cases, which...aren't included because otherwise it would increase the weight a lot =w=;

But you see, they actually have matching case colors for most of the Eeveelutions 83c

AND... by the way I have been updating my sales post! Currently planning to have an auction post with it too. Have some sneak peeks 83c

There are Eeveelution stuff in the sales too, so check it out if you like Eevee, Flareon and/or Glaceon ;3
Here are some highlights:

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