mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quite a few things

Hai fellow collectors.

Quite a few things today. First off, I am still after a Butterfree Pokedoll for no more than $40 shipped. Don't care what condition it's in :)
Same with an Oddish PlushPlush. I know he's pricey, but I want one in loved condition; or make an offer or whatever.

Second, I would like to create a website dedicated to Pokedolls and only Pokedolls. I want it to be like an information website for each plush, giving info like release year, American and/or Japanese release, re-releases, fabric type, etc. But the thing is I need information and pictures to put it all together! What do you guys think? If it sounds like a good idea I will eventually make a spreadsheet for people to add information for each plush and what not.

Third I am a graphic designer, and I have made a Blaziken, Natu, and the Oddish plushplush in Pokedoll art form! These were made in Photoshop:D

I plan on making more eventually. Working on Absol atm. Feel free to use the images in anyway except for turning into products to sell. Thanks guys!

oddishplushplushart copy
Colors are a little off on Natu in Blaziken, but yeah :3 enjoy !

Oh btw, if you want to keep updated with my collection, follow me on Instagram @glaze700 <3
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