Judith (inu_no_kokoro) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Suggestions! Pokemon Prints for Katsucon

So, as a few of you know, I am an artist who sometimes sells at different anime conventions.  I specialize in Ponies, aaaaand POKEMON!  I've even sold some bookmarks to members here.

Katsucon is coming up, and I'm wanting to make a few new things to sell to fans (more bookmarks, prints, or perhaps something new).  What I'd really love from you guys is suggestions as to which pokemon you think your fellow collectors are really loving right now. 

So far, what I've got are Bookmarks featuring:

Starters (all of them, by type)
Electric rodents

I'm planning a print of all eevees, but I'd like to do a couple more new things.  So besides starters and eevees, which mons do YOU think are the most popular?  Anyone I haven't thought of?  Or should I just stick to eevees and starters?  No one knows buying pokemon better than pkmncollectors, so I turn to you!

Also, if any of you will be at Katsucon this weekend, be sure to look for mine and my girlfriend's booth in the artist's alley!  I'd love to meet some of you. :D
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