Heenz (heenz) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hiya! :3

I've been stalking the community for a few weeks, so I decided now would be a good time as any to post.
I've been collecting Pokemon stuff since the year it exploded over here, and all I've got left now is what hasn't been lost through moving, and generally giving it away when I bored of Pokemon.
But with the new games, my love for the creatures came back, and I've decided to start collecting again. I really love Plusle, Minun, the Pikachu line, and Mew, so I suppose that's what I'll be collecting. :3
I'll post pictures of my collection when I get around to finding it all, since most of it's buried under my bed. ._.;
Anyway, hope to make some friends, and collect some stuff that I don't really need, but makes my room prettier. ;D
Thanks for reading~
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