Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Collection Updates!

Mini Collection Updates, Internet Mushrooms, Hell Puppies...and a Wolf Goddess that doesn't really belong ^^;;

I recieved a package from Happy_Jolteon today!! In it contained a shroomish magnent, and a houndour Battle Mueseum! :3

Shroomish Updates:


Collection Includes: Breloom Attacking Kid, Zukan, Shroomish Kid, Jakks shroomish keychain, Shroomish Magnent

On the way: Shroomish Stamper

Wanted: Original Breloom Kid, JAKKS Breloom, things that you have that I don't ^^;

Houndour Updates:



Collection includes:

Zukan, Houndour Battle Muesum, Houndoom Kid, Houndoom V Chip, Houndoom TOMY, Bootie Houndoom

On the way: Houndour Kid, Houndour Pin w/ pokeball Clip

Wanted: Houndour Pokedoll, houdour large TOMY figure, Houndour Tomy figure, things I dont have that you might :3


Annnnnd this isn't pokemon related...but Im really proud of her, and as many Okami collectors know there is next to no merch out there. A special thanks to pheonixxfoxx for buying this way back in March when I had no SMJ account. Through many headaches and trials I've finally finished my Okami PVC model.



She's extreemly rare apparantly as well...as unfortunatly most Okami merch is..only being avaliable at one Festival in Japan last year -0-

Im currently looking for the Official Plush..and if anyone out there happens to have it..or knows where I can purchase it please let me know :3

Thats all for this collection update. till next time~

Im still having sales here:

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