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what's arrived in the mail this week?+ question

Yay I haven't done an update in a looong time! So I'm putting one up today because I received 3 grails in one package along with some other nice pokemon ^-^!

Type your cut contents here.

Picture story, yey!

Aron: Please can you help find my friends?
Luxio: ..No do it yourself.
Aron: T_T

Aron: Excuse me can you help find my friends?
Latias: Yey.
Aron: Um thanks, they should be around here so..please help me.
Latias: Ok. ^-^

Latias: Yummy!
Cat food: O.O

???: Hello! Hey! You found me!
Latias: ??? -looks around-

???: Hey my name's Charmander! I hope you find my other friends.
Latias: Fire.
Charmander: Uh yeah..

Narrator: Can you find another pokemon?
Latias: Me.
Narrator: -.-

???: ...
Latias: Umbreon.
Umbreon: ... -.-

Narrator: Latias climbed and climbed until she reached the top of the bread packet of Milk Roll.
Latias: YAAAWN.

Latias: I see yellow, orange and green.
???: ...

Latias: Hi.
Flygon: I luff lemons
Latias: o.0 thats a lemon?
Flygon: Sssh!

Latias: I <3 ducks

???: Hey, you there! Help me get down!
Latias: This is really getting boring.
???: Excuse me!

Latias: What?
???: My name's Rayquaza can you help me get down, its scary here!
Latias: Can't you just fly down <.<
Rayquaza: Umm I can't fly yet T_T
Latias: Can't or too afraid?
Rayquaza: Both.


Latias: Yey.
All(bar Lati+Umbreon): Yay we ish saved woo!

Rayquaza: Actually there's one more..
Latias: UGH.

???: Fear not Treeko is back.
Latias: -le gasp- *hides behind charmander* Your-
Treeko: Clear yes I know.
Latias: Can I have your autemograph!
Treeko: A what??

Yay! Yes I guess you can tell that Latias seems a little...slow at first, she's had a bad day thats all ^-^;. I gots three grails Umbreon,Charmander and Flygon! The best suprise was that Treeko was clear even though I half believed that a Treeko was actually in the lot as it didn't show that, yeah I got them on eBay!! Here's the close-ups of the figures!

Here's what I got within the past 2 weeks or so:

Oh and a little question. I PM'd 2 admin/moderators about a feedback thread but I got no reply off any of them. Would it be possible to have one? I'd love to offer trades up but I know some people used to have problems trading with other people and choose not to trust people unless they have good feedback and such? Thanks!

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