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Bobble Head Sales

Hey there everyone!

I've had this set of Bobble Head figures for a while now, but I actually bought them only wanting the Lucario from the set. So now, I've got four bobbly pkmn that just aren't getting the love they need. I'm not really a collector of Dexoys, Jirachi, Mewtwo or Celebi, but I know that there's collectors here that would gladly take these guys.

They're about 4cm tall and function like normal bobble head figures. They're all in mint condition and can be shipped out -today- even if bought soon enough.

The Totodile and Arcanine kids are not for sale, but for size reference.

They're going for $5 each plus $1.50 shipping to anywhere.

I take paypal only, please <3

Jirachi - Still Available
Mewtwo - Still Available
Cerebi - Still Available

Dexoys - Still Available
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