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Collections and a few collection updates

I don't post often. Partly becasue I get things slowly and Partly because I'm shy. I get things slowly because I don't have paypal yet so I can't get anything from here. I can get stuff from the stores around me but not often and a few thing online without paypal. So far I collect Dialga, Groudon, Ampharos, Turtwig, Articuno and Tomy figures. So on to my collections....Warning: Image Heavy!

I drew this and coloredit with my prisma markers. It now sits on my door warning those who enter of what they are going to see.

First my biggest collection Dialga.

Closeups of my Dialga's

The newest Item I have here are the Kid and Chou Get which sperdweed got me. I love them so much! They are very happy to be here too look at those smiles.

Now for my second largest collection Groudon.

Nothing really new here except that I got the regular colored Groudon TFG .

Third largest Ampharos. It's funny how my favorite pokemon has the 3rd largest collection.
All of my Ampharos's are sitting on my desk ontop of my tablet. The poor Tomy figure got attacked by my dog when one of my cats knocked it down from a shlf. My dog could have gone after the Typhlosion tomy which also got knocked off but no she had to go after Amphy.

Second smallest collection Turtwig

The newest Items for Turtwig are the TCG cards. I actually have both of the Majestic Dawn Turtwigs but the other is lost in a sea of my other cards. I've also been trying to get the Turtwig plush from the claw machines at TRU and Walmart. I've had no success yet but I hope I will get lucky and get it.

Smallest collection Articuno

Newest items are the pencil topper and the Majestic Dawn card

Last Collection with nothing new Tomy Figures

I want to collect 1 tomy for every pokemon. so far (not counting the double pikachu) 23 out of 493 only 470 left to go. At least it's a start. well I hope you like my collections so far.

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