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ACEO Artwork Auctions & Customs Slots!

Hi everyone!
As always, I hope you're doing well so far
Did you buy your valentines presents already? ;)

So I recently obtained sales permission and I have some pretty neat original artwork on ACEO card size up for auction now, as well as some custom slots for some of these painted cards as well!

Click the cut underneath the preview image to be magically transported! 8)

pokcorners Kopie

Thanks for clicking the cut >8D - there is no turning back now!

No, jokes aside, let's get serious.

- Sales permission  granted by entirelycliched on February 11th 2013
- I ship internationally, but since I'm from Germany, please keep in mind that shipping can get a little expensive
- All prices are in USD
- Payments via PayPal only
- I am not responsible for lost mail
- Payments shall be sent within 48 hours after buying confirmation
- I can hold items up to 48 hours as well
- I ship cards and Art in Toploaders, sleeves, and/ or cardboard stabilized
- Prices do not include fees or shipping
- Do NOT and I repeat, NOT delete your comments on the auction threads!
- I usually ship items 1-5 days after I received payments

- Feedback page can be found here:
- To avoid any confusion about my few feedback only, here's my ebay feedback as well:

Additional Infos specifically for these auctions and my art:
- ACEO cards have the size of a normal pokemon tarding card, 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches ( 6,4cm x 8,9 cm )
- my cards have been drawn with Copic markers, Faber Castell Polychromos (coloured pencils), and acrylic and shimmering effect paints on 250g/m² cardstock
- The back is stabilized with design paper and originally signed by me

- As for the custom slots, I'm willing to draw almost everything on them: Pokemon/Trainer/Gijinka/Pokemon related landscapes, whatever!
- 3 characters max. on one card
- Custom cards are usually done within 1-2 weeks after the payment has been sent. Of course all finished cards will be sent to you via mail and you will get a scan, as well!

- Shipping and handling within Germany and Austria starts at 1,50$
- International shipping and handling starts at 3,00$

- Bid increments of minimum 1 USD please
- Auctions end on February 23rd, 00:00 am
Countdown is -HERE-

I guess that's it for all the information stuff? if you still have questions please post them under the thread for questions and concerns below, thanks! :3


Up for grabs are those five original ACEO cards for now, see scans and close-ups below.

entei aceosmall

raikou aceosmall

suicune aceosmall

typhlosion aceosmall


I only got a photo of the chibi-like Jolteon right now, sorry! D;

Edit: ahahah i actually forgot to add some examples of my human art, gosh I seem to be so confused lately! D:



There you go, FMA cards being examples for my style on human characters.

That's it for now, I hope I still didn't forget anything owo - Happy bidding! 8D

But please wait till you bid until all threads are up and this line is crossed out!

Now go ahead and bid away! :D

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