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Shiny Collection Card Sales

Shiny Collection Cards
I has them.
You can now gets them too.

Feedback can be found here
Sale permission from denkimouse - September 9th, 2008

Basic Rules★
☠ Items are coming from Massachusetts, USA
☠ I ship Domestic & International
☠ Prices DO NOT include shipping
☠ Prices DO NOT PP fees
☠ I will HOLD for 24 hours
☠ Feel free to ask questions
☠ First come, first serve. This means by commenting first, not paying first. I understand people have lives and can't be online 24/7. If the person who commented first doesn't reply within 24 hours, the next person will be waited on
I AM NO LONGER ACCEPTING TRANSACTIONS VIA PRIVATE MESSAGE. If you wish to buy something from my sales, you must comment here. All inquires by private message WILL be IGNORED.

Payment Terms★
☠ Prices are in USD
☠ I accept Paypal ONLY
☠ Please pay within 24 of confirmation by Paypal or negative will be left and item will become available.
☠ If sending payment/goods late, please make sure you let me know before your due date

Shipping Terms★
☠ Please include your zip code in your inquires if you're from the states
☠ If not in the states, please include what country you're in so I can tell you your shipping
☠ I ship during the week. International packages larger than an envelope can only be shipped on Saturday!
☠ I do combine shipping
☠ I am not responsible for uninsured or damaged goods. Please ask for insurance if you want it when commenting.
☠ I am not responsible for lost goods. Please ask for delivery confirmation if you want tracking.

Trading Terms★
☠ Currently: Card Wants
Not looking for partial trade; DO NOT WANT TO SPEND MONEY.
List is slightly outdated.

Shiny Cards - $1.25 EACH ☆

Snivy - x4
Servine - x4
Torchic - x5
Ralts - x5
Kirlia - x5
Teddiursa - x4
Ursaring - x5
Audino - x6
Minccino - x5

Super Shiny Cards - $2.00 EACH ☆

Serperior - x4
Growlithe - x3
Piplup - x4
Gardevoir - x5
Stunfisk - x3
Purrloin - x2
Eevee - x1
Cinccino - x4

Elesa Shiny Cards - $.50 EACH ☆

Meloetta EX Shiny Cards - $7.00 EACH ☆

I am looking to trade THIS card:

for the Mew card!
PLEASE do not ask for me to sell my Emolga card to you. I already have a buyer if I cannot find someone to trade it for Mew.
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