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amazing get + some wants

Just to let participants know, we lost the Magikarp and friends GA. :( We were way too far from the current bid by the time I checked again. Anyway in the meantime I was able to get this cutie who will be my travel buddy :D

What could it be??? This also marks my first successful use of noppin ^^ I was a bit paranoid so I got EMS, so I'm wondering how safe other mail types are? I ended up paying more than double snovers cost because of shipping and all the fees xD (I expected that of course)

Her name is yukiko, and I'm currently looking for a second snover with tags as well to keep her company :3 Any reasonable price will do. She can't wait to meet Chie. <3

Also I wanted to make her some kind of scarf or something so I could tell them apart when I get Chie, so if anyone could point me in the direction of what kind of cloth I could make it from pretty easily, that'd be great.
Currently I have no Internet, so in the next 2 weeks be on the lookout for my first sales post! :D
I'm worried about tearing her tag, so what are some ideas for storing that? I've decided to be picky about my plushies so I wasn't buying all the time, so they all must be MWT!
Now for my wants~
-snover plushie MWT
-abomasnow charm
-snover/abomasnow kids (clear would be amazing if those exist, I'd pay a pretty penny for that ;3)
-snover line tcg cards!
-snover line complete zukan
-any other snover merch I don't have, which is a lot.
-pikachu pair charm
-rotom/rotom-c plushies MWT
-spiritomb plushie MWT
-rotom line kids
-honestly any Japanese MWT plushies pre-unova (of course I'm picky but I like a large majority of them.)

If you have any of these let me throw money at you :D

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