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Shiny Collection Box :3

Hello! ^.^ I'm sure that you've all seen many Shiny Collection card pulls from other users, but I hope that you enjoy reading about my box! :D
Mew and I are ready to open some packs!

For anyone that was curious about the box's ratios, my box had three out of the five full art secret rare cards, three Meloetta regular EXs (Meloetta ex is considered a rare in the set), and I was able to get 2-3 of each uncommon-common in the set of 25 cards. This ratio is amazing, considering you get 15 packs with 4 cards per pack. When I purchased my box, I was hoping that I would pull Mew, Meloetta, and Emolga full arts. Let's see which ones I pulled!
First card of my first pack was a Snivy <3 How appropriate!
First card of second pack: Servine! Do I sense a pattern? xD
Back card/ rare card of third pack. Perfect. Just perfect. <3 This made me one very pleased Princess of Snivy's. x3
First full art card: Mew!!! 0o0 I was amazed that my favorite full art card of the set was pulled right off the bat! My mew plushie is quite satisfied. What a gorgeous card indeed! <3
The second full art: Meloetta! I absolutely love the artwork on this card. I disliked Meloetta in the anime, but this card is the best art of her! 2/3 wanted full arts achieved! Could I possibly get Emolga to finish this awesome streak off...?
Emolga!! <33 I could honestly say I could not ask for a more perfect box.
Here's a picture of all the cards I pulled (Not exs or full arts) Sorry if it isn't very clear. ^^'
And finally my EXs and full arts~!
If you have any questions about the set, feel free to ask! I highly recommend purchasing one of these boxes- even if you don't collect cards! They are worth every penny.
Happy Valentines Day (tomorrow) <3 </a>
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