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Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to post. Just business!

I sent a bunch of stuff out today~

shrines, stargirlshine, and tehpixelpixie - Sent your charms out today!

rinni - Sent Butterfree and Drifloon sculptures! We need to talk about the shipping though, apparently it's more than twice the amount to send inside of Canada as it is outside of it for some reason ;_; WTF CANADA POST.
bergunty - Sent Skymin sculpture!

Can you guys comment to let me know you saw this? Thanks! <3

Oh oh! Does anyone have (or know where I can find) a Magikarp Pokédoll they might be willing to part with? I have fallen in love with it, but on ebay they're mad expensive rofl. But in the interests of not being too cheap, I am willing to sculpt to haggle the price down. Because I'm poor. 8D
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