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Multi-question post

I know that i don't post here very often, even though i probably check this comm. like 50 times a day lol, (i just dont want to seem annoying and over-post.) but i had a few question for everyone

How do you display your pokemon? i once saw someone(sorry i forgot who.) who had some pokemon in like a plant sand waterfall thing? i mean besides putting them on regular shelves, do you do any other kind of displaying of them?

Does anyone know if the Uwajimay/Kinokuniya store in Beaverton, Oregon sells pokemon kids, zukans or  plush or anything besides the manga and toys other US stores sell?

Lately i've been playing that My Pokemon Ranch game for the Wii, and my Rhyhorn its just the cutest thing,he's shy, but wants to play with all the other pokemon.....anyway lol so i've decided that i want my first Zukan to be the rhyhorn line, so,does anyone have a rhyhorn/rhydon and/or rhyperior zukan they would be willing to sell/trade?

So i've been wondering since this community is, dare i say obsessed with pokemon, do any of you have any pokemon tattoos? (if your old enough anyway) i was thinking about getting one, along time ago (i know technically this isnt about "collecting" pokemon, but i thought i'd ask anyway. ill edit/delete it if wanted)

have any of you name a pet after a pokemon?(again i know this isn't collecting related, but im just curious)
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