regiicefire (regiicefire) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shikijika Plush + Yellow Ver

Ive recently gotten into finding and collecting pokemon plushies that I like. Im just a simple collector though :P
Been looking for the pokemon centre autumn shikijika 6 inch plush doll for awhile, and i was wondering if anyone has any 2nd hand ones that you're willing to part with? This is the plushie:

Also im looking for a 2nd hand pokemon yellow version cartridge. My old one was lost awhile back and i am missing it :c

Thank you so much! :'D
PS. Just wondering if you guys knew if the ebayer egamestar sells authentic pokemon centre plushies? Apparently he has a shikijika plush up for sale, but i worry its a stock photo and cannot decide if i should buy or look for other options. THANK YOU ALL ;A;

/new member sorry if this is nooby :'c
Tags: plush
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