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SKYMIN(Collection uptade)


AT LAST I´ve received my Skymin Pokedoll! it took 3 weeks... I hate Spain and its damned postal service!!! xD The Skymin keychain arrived too O.o I´m surprised because it was very quick... Who understand that? xDD So... thank you for all, Gin!.
I have received too the Ninetales/Vulpix zukan from fernchu ,thank you very much! ^___________^.

Before post the photos I need to say something:
This Wednesday 9th I´ll go to the house of my best friend for 10 days (I´ll come back on 19th, with the 11th movie, curious xD). She´s got internet and maybe I could take a look here, but I won´t be here as long as I should, and if any sending came to my house, my parents´ll take it but I won´t know nothing until be back.
Ah! jedi_amara, I´ll send your keychains on Monday, don´t worry, I´ll send them before go! Sorry by the delay ^^.

And now, the photos!.


Lol, I love this draw XD

*___* How cute keychain!!.

FINALLY, MY CUTE POKÉDOLL!!. Is SO adorable :DDDDDDDD I'm obsessed with this little, oh god.

And my Shaymin's collection :3

For the last, the Vulpix/Ninetales zukan:

It's beautiful zukan!.
Tags: ninetales, shaymin, vulpix, zukan
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