Stormbringer Cirrus (atateatarin) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Stormbringer Cirrus

(I'm assuming I can post this -- we're still allowed to post craft items, yeah?)

In Australia, it is presently winter and I feel the cold pretty badly.
(Doesn't help that I currently have one also)
And so, I got so fed up with having cold hands and only cruddy gloves, I decided to be proactive.

I bet you're wondering what this has to do with Pokemon, huh?

Well then, may I present they which have been loving dubbed, the BURDGLOVES.



What you can't see here:
* The cuff is zig-zagged like Starly's 'collar'.
* There is a drawstring around the wrist and each end has a little felt Pokeball.
* Starly's 'crest' is the buttonhole for the little wooden button that secures the finger-cap.
* When you cup your hand, the thumb becomes Starly's 'tail', hence why I decorated it accordingly :)

Next time I'll be using transfers for the eyes, as I discovered fabric paint doesn't look as flash on fleece as it does on some other fabrics.

They're very warm too!

Why Starly? I was inspired by a great conversation I had :D And well, it's Starly.
The pattern and everything was designed and made from scratch. I'm surprised they turned out -- thanks to not feeling all that crash-hot, my mind's been a bit addled today.
Tags: custom, starly
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