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Reorganized (Plus a little want)

I completely reorganized my collection today, because I was able to install two new shelves! I think it looks pretty awesome!

Check below the cut to see some close-ups ^^ Which will be much better quality pictures than this, I assure you xD

First off, we have a closeup of my Vulpixes, because their best. Ever.

In order, we have my KFC plush, Applause plush, and then Banpresto Terrycloth Plush. After that, is my Custom Amigurumi Vulpix, under that is a custom mini-pillowpet! I also made a little display tower thing out of a cardboard box, which has on the top row, my European Candy Figure, FCS Figure, Custom by my brother, Custom by me, stamp figure, and then Tomy. On the second row is the Action Flipz thing with a game pog and the vulpix and ninetales stamps. Finally, at the bottom, my Vulpix and ninetales Topps and BK cards. I'd say my collection is quite good for a person my age! (I'm 13 xD)

Then there's my pikachus. I'm not even going to say anything about them. (As a matter of fact, I'm not going to say anything about much else xD)

This is where I keep all my extra figures that don't belong in any collections.

My other two shelves.

And my charms. Speaking of charms, if you have a ton of charms that don't have keyrings and do have the hook thingys, for really cheap, like, $1 a charm, I don't care what pokemon, I'd love it if you'd link me to your sales post!   I can't promise I'd end up buying anything, but I'd still like to look.

Anyway, thanks for looking!
Tags: collection, pikachu, vulpix, wanted
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