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pokemon day! <3

Woop! As most people in Europe will now know, Pokemon Ranch was released today along with Mystery Dungeon 2, yay double Pokemons! <3 And like the little nerd I am, I actually bought my copy whilst wearing my Pokemon t-shirt and got the most 0.0 looks from the staff in the game shop XD I AM PROUD OF MY GEEKDOM! ^^;

Sorry if this isn't allowed here btw, I'll delete this post if it isn't >.< But I regard it as a part of my collection, especially since I chose this one mostly because of Piplup on the cover, haha XD

I also got the cutest little book with it! It has lovely artwork inside it and a comic too, I haven't read it all properly yet but it looks so cute =3 And yes, I bought two of the new Mystery Dungeon gacha figures that they have released over here on the same day and oh yes, I got two exactly the same, two Turtwigs. -_- Eh, just my luck.  I'll be giving one to my boyfriend but I was wondering if anyone would like to trade for the other Turtwig? It's a really nice figure, but I don't really collect Turtwig and would rather trade it for the Piplup, Pikachu or Munchlax (Piplup preferably though).  I guess if no one would like to trade for it then I'll eventually add it to my sales post or something, but I couldn't believe my luck, argh! XD It would seem my zukan bad luck has carried over onto these =P

Oh and I apologise about the bad picture, I can take a better one of the Turtwig if anyone is actually interested in it =D

edit: turtwig's now been traded! =D
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