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Well, I won the auction of the Chikorita plush from ectransfer that I posted about a week or so ago =D I bid on it in secret (i.e. did not tell my parents) and it will be delivered to my boyfriend's workplace as I'm on holiday. We'll pretend he bought it for me - well, he did offer to buy me a phpBB bear once, and he has been known to buy me Nintendo plushes - and I won't get in trouble >__>

Yay =D I'm so pleased. The auction ended with me as the only bidder, so I only paid the original price of £0.01 (no joke, that's like $0.02) and shipping is £4.99. I decided to add insurance for £1 extra because it was so cheap but I'd rather not lose it in the post >_> So uh, that came to exactly £6 (about $12).

Not bad for my first eBay adventure! xD I'll post photos when I am united with her in about two weeks.

Also, since I'll be visiting Japantown in San Francisco next week (as pacificpikachu suggested - turns out my friend in San Francisco plans to take me there anyway!), I will take photos of any merchandise I pick up there =D along with one of the new Mystery Dungeon 2 games, for t'is cheaper in the USA ;D I'll stay active on here, I'm taking my laptop. Woop. Free wifi.
Tags: chikorita, plush
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