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February Gets!

So after these next few packages get here I seriously need to slow down...
Anywho! I got some lovely additions this past week. :)
feb 2

feb 1

I got my two first DX Eevee plushies! They are smaller than the HQ Eevee but still a decent size. I adore them, like seriously. I was nervous after reading a few people being disappointed but I am very impressed (then again I'm not hard to please). They are incredibly soft, just the right amount of squish, and such adorable pastel colors. Jolteon's ears are flopptastic but they are fine with a lil bit of help. I must say Jolteon is my favorite eeveelution but out of these two plush I like Flareon more for the POOF factor. I will be getting the rest of the DX plushies after my satisfaction with these first two. c:

feb 4

THIS is why I started collecting again...New Growlithe merch specifically Pokemon Time Growlithe merch. Such a high quality, nicely designed plush of pretty much my favorite Pokemon. I MEAN LOOK AT THOSE PRECIOUS SOUL PIERCING EYEBALLS. And that tag. <3
He is the centerpiece and king of my collection and his name shall be Torque, after my badass Growlithe in my White 2 team.

feb 3

And here is my current charm collection of my favorite Pokemanz. I have noticed that not all the newer charms have newer poses. My Growlithe/Arcanine line charms are both the exact same size and pose. Most of you probably knew this but it's new info to me as the ones I've seen have different poses (legendary beasts for example). I still have a LONG ways to go before I'm satisfied with my charm collection but I think this is a decent start, no? Also, the Growlithe card sleeve pack is new too. :)

feb 2

And here is my entire collection so far! A few hangout on my tv stand and the rest are stored away for now. I'm getting a nice big shelf for my room when I move back in about 2 months. I'm also looking for 'floating' black wall shelves for my wall along with a cube shelf or two as well. I love my collection and I'm so happy I decided to start up Pokemon collecting again. <3

I guess that's it until March as that's when I'll be back home again! ~
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