PakajunaTufty (pakajunatufty) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I need some advice on the Pikachu 3DS XL/LL

XL vs LL

So my 21st birthday is coming up (March 25th) and as this is a big birthday I wanted to get myself something nice (because my family has no idea how to buy me Pokemon merch, like if they can't walk into a local store and buy it, they won't, plus I don't think they understand how much I am obsessed with Pokemon and collecting, they know I love it but...They don't understand how much) ANYWAY so I wanted to buy myself the Pikachu 3DS XL for a few reasons:
1. Pikachu is pretty much my main collection and favorite Pokemon
2. I have a 3DS but I've been wanting an XL
3. With X and Y coming out in the fall, I wanna be able to play it on a nice large screen and of course a Pikachu 3DS would be Ah-mazing for it!
4. My bf wants to play 3DS games/can't wait for X&Y but doesn't have a 3DS (he opted for the PSVita, *eye roll*) so I figured instead of him going out to spend the money on a whole new 3DS system, he could just use my basic 3DS (it's the regular blue one.)

BUT I had a few questions about it before I go out and buy one. Most importantly, are they region locked? Which one should I get?

I am pretty much fluent in Japanese, I can read it and understand it both spoken and written, so understanding the LL wouldn't be an issue. BUT I don't want to have to order ALL my games in Japanese online and wait and wait for it to come in the mail, I want to be able to just go to the store and buy my game. So, is this system region locked? Or will my normal USA 3DS and regular DS games work on it?

Same goes for the Europe one. Is that region locked as in, I can only play the games released in Europe?

Please give me a little more info on anything any of you know before I go out and buy this.

Does anyone have one? Do you actually play it, or just have it as a collector's item in the box?

Lastly, does anyone have this available for sale? I am looking for mint in box, new and unopened, though I may consider a used one for the right price. I know they range around $300 so I am looking for one in that range.

Thank you to anyone who can give me any info! <3

Thank you everyone, I've decided to hold out for a possible NA release or maybe get the Chile one. =]

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