g_manluver (g_manluver) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tomy lickitung?

Hey ya'll what you think of my new avatar? Super cute eh ^^.

But besides my boasting about my shitty MSpaint skills I have a question. Today I received a package in the mail of a lickitung tomy figure. It was given for free so its not a huge matter however I think it may be a bootleg.

If images are needed I can take some and edit this.

From other tomy figures(old school ones) I've notice they have a copyright stamped into them, usually one their back ( ya know"(c)*japanese character*.C.G.T.G.J TOMY CHINA). However, this lickitung doesn't have it ANYWHERE. So I wanted to ask if this is an indication of it being a fake? Are some Tomy figures manufactured without that marking? Is it a special version without it?

Hope someone can answer this question (probably someone with the old school Lickitung tomy figure).

apparently after looking at it on every possible angle of view I notice the symbol is very well hidden on the back of its tongue. Sorry for bothering anyone ^^;
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