IDK my BFF Jill? (badgerr_ftw) wrote in pkmncollectors,
IDK my BFF Jill?


I am going on another one of my trips again, although this time there shouldn't be any bizarre and unexpected chaos to follow so I should be back this time instead of disappearing for 3 months. :B Before I leave, I just need to clear things up first.

I believe I have a few items on hold with people, but they are on hold simply because they have not arrived yet (group buys, etc.). Would you like me to pay for these items now? I prefer to pay for things after they have arrived so I know they are free of major flaws buuuut in this case, I would hate for anyone to hang around waiting for me to pay. ;; I believe one of these items was a Horsea plush?

Also, have I paid everybody who I had items on hold with? My paycheck came laaaate so I was holding things for longer than I had anticipated, but I believe I have paid everyone I needed to. Still, I could have forgotten to write someone down. Let me know if I did and I will pay right away!

Lastly, has everyone received their packages from me? The post has been acting funny lately. On that note, versiris, I am sorry for the huuuuuuge delay in shipping your stuff off. Someone came in and cleaned our house and moved all of our stuff around, so I (embarrassingly) had a hard time relocating your items, but they are safe and will be sent off tomorrow!

Thank you. :D

~ Sam
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