No one you know :] (kanackering) wrote in pkmncollectors,
No one you know :]

The New Pokemon Burger King Toys ^_^

So, on the way home from my grandparents today (it was their 57th anniversary) I stopped at Burger King to see if they actually got the new Pokemon Toys in (seeing as the start date was yesterday)

Well...They did...So I got a big kids meal xD And well....

Here is what I got......

It says that this toy is a "card holder" wtf? XD (see other picture)...I will not be sticking my cards in it thankyouverymuch XD

I kept the following pictures big so that you guys can read what they say and what not ^_^

The Toy List : There are 12 toys in total. 4 are "cases" of some sort and have the legendaries on them (Dialga, Palkia, Manaphy and Darkrai). 2 (I believe are) Plushies (Pikachu and Mantyke)...and 6 of them are these card holder things o.O (Pikachu, Pachirisu, Happiny, Chimchar, Turtwig and Piplup)

The Card List : Each toy comes with a promo card...which are really just "reprints" from DP sets...that (as far as I know) are ALL reverse holo and they also have a stamp on the that says "Diamond and Pearl"....See the picture below for the card I got and a somewhat close up of it ^_^

I, personally, think that the toys we had "back in the day" from BK are better than these =\...Though, I would like to get one of the "cases" to see what they are exactly...I have a feeling I may just sell this Pachirisu thing =\...Seeing as I don't collect him and have no use for it =\ (so, unless once of my friends want it, it will most likely be for sale...)

Also...I like BK (gross, I know) I suppose I can try to get some more toys here and there (or perhaps buy them from there) if any of you guys would want one. ^_^ I can't promise...but it shouldn't be too much of a problem...

(in other news, I am expecting a package sometime this week [i hope] when it comes...I should have a collection update ^_^)
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