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A couple kids have been put back up for sale. :3

ravestars85: I know that you were at the Nationals and probably have a lot of e-mails to sift through, so it's likely that my comments might have gotten lost or looked over. I'm just wondering if you are still interested in the Arcanine kid or not. :3

orgrimmar: I'm wondering if you ever found out of you had the card that you wanted to trade or if you just wanted to go ahead and pay in full since you haven't gotten back to me.

And finally

Funnel Cake: This better be better than that last time....

Funnel Cake: What's in here anyways?
???: Eeep!

Funnel Cake: You're tiny...
Keshipoke Giratina: No, you're huge.
Funnel Cake: ... That's nice, come on, you're with me.

Keshipoke Giratina: I still feel small.
Malaria: Hiiiiiii!
Funnel Cake: Get over here...

My current Giratina collection, since this photo (from yesterday) I moved it up so I can display the drawings and other flat items with it as well.
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