Kyr (kyraiee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Sales

Hey guys! I'm selling off the remainder of my Pokemon collection to pay off my credit card's minimums this next month X_X Everything includes USA shipping are are all OBO.There is also an eeveelution pin set for sale. Pictures after the cut. I got sales permission from Gin in January 2011.

 photo pokemonsale.jpg

Here is my feedback page :

 photo IMG_1900.jpg

$10 shipped OBO for this charm the charm itself is mint condition

 photo e63442ab-4adb-4ff4-9285-56780792654f.jpg

This for $3 shipped OBO

 photo IMG_1907.jpg


 photo IMG_1906.jpg

Janovy $1e shipped OBO looks good to me, but even though it's just been on the shelf it still doesnt feel mint
Snivy $8 Shipped OBO Mint
Oshawott and Snivy Mcdonalds $5 shipped each

 photo cae9266b-83a3-4de1-bb0c-6f0e5f363275.jpg

Eeveelution pins SOLD

Thanks guys!

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