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Secret Valentine Gift

HAI GAIZ! My Secret Valentine package came in today!! Thank you SO much spideyroxas! :D

Chubs got to the package before me though.

photo (7)
Chubs: Duuude, cheap! There's already a hole in the box!

It's not my fault, it was the post office. -.-;
At first I saw the customs attached to the side and the hole and was like "is this my TCG GA? WAIT NO THE PACKAGE IS TOO LIGHT THE CARDS FELL OUT WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!?!" Then I read the customs forum and saw that it listed plush and I was like "....huh?"

image (13)
Chubs: I got this!

That's not how you open a box Chubs..

image (14)

This Pikachu keychain... it's so soft and cute! I just want to pet its little head all day!
I actually bought a Kyogre pokedoll for myself from Nintendo World on the weekend... Oops. XD I like the older tags way better so now I can sell the newer tag one because I have this awesome older version!!

image (16)

CARDS! Oh you shouldn't have!
All of these are cards I needed for my set collections. Not one, not two, but THREE holos are here! And off the top of my head I think the other cards are all rares too!

Dat Misty card is so lovely... ;.; And Celebi and Raichu are two of my favorites from Neo Revelation. Thank you sooo much!

image (15)

PLASTIC BAG! Yes. I like plastic bags. I don't THINK I have this one but I honestly have to double check. XD

image (17)


This is going right on my art wall ASAP! The detail on this is great and it is such a cute concept! I love the heart-shaped Pokemon as balloons :D

Again, thank you so much spideyroxas for the amazing Secret Valentine gift! <33
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