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Frustration over inability to get most sought-after thing

Forgive the rant, but nothing has been going my way in terms of my Pokeplush collecting lately. It's just been one crushing experience after another, and I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get my most sought-after items anymore. (Also Gin gave me the go-ahead to post this, I asked first.)

Three times in the past year I've been so close to getting some of my most sought after items, my personal "grail" items as they're called. But it's just never happened. One thing or another has prevented me from being able to get it, and today was the last straw, I was so frustrated.

There is this one 18 inch Lugia plush, which I've had on my wishlist for a long time. Last year, I saw it on this great site called Toysnjoys, and it was $60. I was completely willing to pay for it, but I had to spend the fall doing yardwork, then I'd get $100. But by the time I got the money... somebody bought the Lugia. >___< I've never seen it again ever since.

I've recently taken a strong liking to Grovyle, and I've been hunting his plush down recently, but it just doesn't exist anywhere. Not a trace on ebay, and nowhere online. Someone here sold it recently, but I missed it by just that much. I've been looking online for it ever since, but still nothing has come up.

But the worst of all was today; there is this really wonderful three-foot tall Lucario plush that I had been eyeing, also on Toysnjoys.

Oh my god, love.

It was $180, but I was willing to pay it. It was the only place I had ever seen this Lucario, but being such a huge fan of the guy, it was something I was willing to pay for. But noooooo, my mother decided that I would be an idiot for paying $180 for "a stuffed animal", and said no. Even though this was my OWN money and I was willing to accept the cost for something so awesome. Well I found out today that the Lucario was bought. That brought my entire mood to a screeching halt. I went to talk to my mother about this, and she responds with "I have no symphathy for someone who wants to spend $180 on a stuffed animal." At that point I just couldn't take it anymore. I could have gotten it at any time, for months on end, but despite being 22 and accepting responsibilty, I just couldn't do anything, I felt powerless. I was in a terrible mood for the rest of the day. (Mesprit was NOT with me today.)

Today was pretty much the last straw; this feeling of powerlessness has finally got to me. I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to see any of these things again, at least not within the $400 price range half a year from now.
The likelyhood of any of these items surfacing again is extremely small. I'd do anything to be able to get any of these items, I'd be completely willing to pay for them, even if from someone from here. But they just don't freaking exist anymore online, they're just gone!
I mostly collect these plushes because I love the particular Pokemon in question, and I love to have something tangible I can channel that love into. And the bigger, the better it is. But these let-downs and near misses are really getting to me. It's just been one painful failure after another, And I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever be able to get them at all.
It would just mean the world to me if I could obtain at least one of these guys. If ANYONE has any of these things, I'd gladly pay for them.

EDIT: And now Suicune... why don't I ever have any luck in anything I really want? It seems like every few days someone posts about how they've gotten their most sought-after thing, but the cards are never in my favor, one thing or another has to happen. >__<

Blastit, this always happens... I'm so long overdue for luck to turn my way just once.

I'm fairly certain that this frustration and crushing feeling isn't just something I've had problems with, any stories to share?
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