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Quick sales update...

Got one last package from Japan before I move--not much time, so I scrambled to get this up (sorry for the less than stellar pics!).

*If you won any of the Shiny Kids from my auction, these sales and other items from my permanent sales post may be combined with your auction win, but normal shipping charges will apply. :) (I'm working on getting you estimates--I promise!)

Rules and Guidelines:
-Sales permission granted 2/11/13 by entirelycliched
-Community Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/oberonsoasis/
-All community rules apply
-Trades are accepted, though my wantlist is quite small! http://oberonsoasis.livejournal.com/966.html
-Feel free to haggle!

-All prices are in US dollars
-Prices do not include fees
-Payment due within 72 hours upon agreement of sale
-Currently, only Paypal is accepted, directed to stevekha at gmail dot com

-Items are shipped from the US
-I ship worldwide
-Prices do not include shipping
-Shipping is generally first class mail (delivery confirmation and insurance are extra--I am not responsible for lost/damaged items)
-My home is pet and smoke free

*Please note that I'm moving fairly soon and I don't have a postage scale at this time, so I weigh things at the post office (I live within walking distance so I go once day, except Sundays), so I may not have an estimate for you right away. Thank you for your patience!

Keychains galore!

$10 Banpresto Vulpix
$8 Banpresto Kanghaskhan
$8 Elekid keychain
$5 Rubber Mewtwo
$10 Glow in the dark Chansey
$10 Glow in the dark Voltorb
$5 Terrakion
$5 Black Kyurem
$5 White Kyurem

$5 Turtwig Pokeball light
$4 Azumarill Pokeball light (doesn't work)
$5 Empoleon & Bastiodon metal keychain (sorry it's hard to see)
$10 Teddiursa Christmas Bell keychain
$3 Clear Munchlax, no chain
$5 Clear Munchlax, w/chain
Free Wounded Latios - Poor guy is missing an arm! :(
$3 Zoroark puffy keychain
$10 Corphish charm
$5 Pikachu charm
$8 Venusaur charm

$3 White Kyurem
$3 Zekrom
$3 Zoroark (w/mini Zorua on its back) x 3 x 2, 1 w/no chain is $2
$5 Victini
$5 Golurk
$7 Charizard
$10 Eevee
$8 Rattata
$3 Electabuzz (no chain)
$5 Faceplant-chu (it's a leaping pose)
$5 Jumpy-chu
$5 Fatty-chu

Double charm keychains (these are quite small--close up pic makes them seem bigger! Refer to original pic to get a better idea)
$5 Sleepy-chu & basket x 2
$6 Meowth & Pikachu
$10 Slowpoke & Slowking
$8 Magikarp & Gyarados
$6 Hitmonchan & Hitmonlee

$3 Squirtle on fuzzy grass
$3 Bulbasaur on fuzzy grass
$1 Puffy Lugia
$2 Chikorita
$1 Pikachu (some paint rubs)
$3 Cinccino
$3 Kyurem
$3 Bearctic

Also, Zoroark and Suicune movie charms ($5 each), and a Cyndaquil kid ($2)...

Comment below to place items on hold! :)
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