mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

TCG Sales :3

(My computer is being stupid and won't let me make cuts so click on the full link; sorry about that )

Hi. I've been trying to sell these binders but no one will take them! I have added pictures of every card in the reverse and holo binder on my journal.( Take a look.

If youre interested comment on the sale post for them :3 (

Also check out my other sales as well. (

Just won a grail so I need some money :D (Natu Mascot plush hehe)

Thanks guys!

I was granted sales permisson by rachelled on 9/3/12

Also quick question, actually two-

1. Were there any Jhoto Metal Figures or was it only Kanto? I only ever see Kanto. I want a Natu and Xatu version :3
2. Would anyone be interested in a limited edition silver Groundon Hasbro figure? Not sure what he's worth, might auction him off if I have people interested.
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