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Secret Valentines gift <3 & Kyun Chara Pikachus!

My Secret Valentines gift arrived a while back, but i haven't had time to update about it ;4; My Laptop has died and i'm using my partners laptop... which i don't work well with so i'm avoiding using it at all costs XD but this can't wait any longer!

My Secret Valentine was - aurora669 Thanks so much for it ^__^ I adore it so much <3 I love this exchange, it's great to be involved in it for another year! I still remember who i was buying for last year and who got my gift! This year will be no different!

So here's a teaser:

Here it is!
So as you can see it's the Cheren Dot Sprite figure!! and a lovely handmade card XD featuring one of my favourite Pokemon Luvdisk!

The little note inside ^___^

And here he is XD His little face is adorable! He's been on my wants list for a while, i defo need to get Touya now!

The Bases are so massive XD I'm surprised how light the figure is, it feels like it's hollow inside...

Also i thought since i'm already posting, i may as well post my Kyun-Chara gets!

These three were my Christmas present from myvampirelust19 , They were released during the Summer Kyun-Chara pre-release event, The Pearly & Wink versions were exclusive to that event! So i'm very happy to have both. The Standard Pika was rereleased during the January Kuji.

Standard Pikachu! I love that little face. It's so innocent... yet could clearly get up to no good!

Pearly Version of the Standard Pikachu, He's really cool. He was the Secret Prize during the Summer Event, so he's pretty rare compared to the others.

Wink Version! so cheeky! He was also exclusive to the Event, so it;'s nice to have all variants of Pikachu! Since i love that cutie!

Comparison to the Pearly & Standard Pikachu, The Wink & Pearly Versions also say 'Wink Ver.' & 'Pearl Ver.' on their bases, which is neat since it makes them unique to the figure,

I also got The Ass Ash & Pikachu Set from the January Kuji! I had to own these as i love their relationship! I love them both... A lot.

So cute <3 I love his eyes! I'm not overly a fan of transfers being used on details, but they really work here!

All that cute!! The dynamic pose is just too cute.. and also the tiny hands are precious XD

My favourite of all the Pikachu Charas <3 His face.. so round and amazingly cute. He'll forever be with the Ass Ash..

All 4 Pikachu Charas! Round Watermelon heads all around! I adore them all.. and so happy i have them ;4;

All of my Charas so far! A whole lot of Pikachu! I have won the Jessie & James charas in the GA i've recently ran & also have a Snivy, Charizard & Meowth earpegged for me ^___^ I'll make sure to do a bigger update when i have all the Charas i've wanted <3

UPDATE: For those of you who participated in the 'Bored of Kyun-Chara GA' We Won! for a decent price too.. we're waiting now for the invoices from TreasureJapan before we can get totals however.. But we have won regardless & will have some Discounts!

Also i'm looking for some custom plush makers to speak to about ideas i have for some future custom plush i want to commission... I need someone open to ideas and payment plans however XD
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