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'allo lovelies! :D

I'm kinda new -- in the sense that I've been lurking here for forever, but was always too big of a chicken to post 'til now. Hahah. ♥

Okay right, and I'm terrible at introductions, so it's time to try distracting everyone with a miniature collection post :D;

- Spearow/Fearow! And terrible lighting.

I loves me some scruffybirds ♥ But, I do wish I'd started collecting these two back during the original Pokemon-rush. Oh, well! Hindsight is 20/20, after all~

- Tatertots Shieldon! Yay for adorable hubcap-faced dinosaurs. ;^;

- Barebones Togekiss collection. Because, seriously? Two grumpy birds, one grumpy fossil-saur, plus a bunch of grumpy Riolu/Lucario/Metagross items? This collection needs more smiles.

Anyway, yeah! And after some consideration, I would like to start a small collection for Onix, as well! He was my first favourite Pokemon, and is still pretty high on my list - but goods-wise, all I've got are TCG cards and a Tomy figure. ;A;

So I thought I'd ask you wonderful folks, since I'm sure you're more on-the-ball than I am: what's out there for this adorable fella, what should I start looking for, and what can you people sell me I MEAN um what can I get to show my fondness for this darling little rock snake? :>

Thanks- !
Tags: collection, fearow, onix, shieldon, spearow, togekiss
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