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gets, side collection updates and updated sales/gets

hiya guys and gals hope you are all well :)

here are my updated sales (a couple extra plush and figures have been added and prices are negotiable)
dr mew sales
beautiful new art courtesy of the amazing methuselah31010

updated wants -

now on to the gets - croccies and owls ahead

my pika pair keychains i got from pokevault. they were to celebrate my engagement to Joltex. I of course have the female one :3 she is hanging from my keys now.

my AMAZING NEW PHONE CASE :DDDDD i love this thing so dang much its unbelievable :) I was expecting a dark plastic case so I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be rubber, i prefer them as they seem more protective. and the plush tail is super cute.

my sandiles!
I have loved the crocs ever since I first saw it in white. Sandile has such a happy face and his evo's are just so badass.My favourite item is my pokecen sandile plush its sooo jolly, I hope to see more plushes of these guys in the future.

krokorok settei! It's double sided but i dont have an extra plastic sheet to display the other page. I really love this thing I just wish that it was wearing his trademark sunglasses!

subby - need I say more

I have wanted the Waza museum figure of krookodile for the longest time but just never got around to buying one! I love it, its so detailed. Just stunning :)

ichiban kuji mew figure, I ordered two of these guys so I could display one and keep the other all minty. I'm so glad I got them there little chibi heads are to die for. I also like how there stand makes it seem like they are hovering :)

my gradually increasing hoothoot collection. I finally got the "^^" faced plush. I am a sucker for happy looking plush and this is one of the happiest :D My main goal now is to get the japanese noctowl pokedoll with correct markings.


eevees of course! I just got the minky japanese pokedoll (far right) and its the sweetest thing :D I also love the maison de eevee pouch although I havent the heart to use it for anything D:

my large eevee tail came today, I kind of regret not getting more from this promotion its precious

and finally my hasbro 1/1 pika, a get from ebay this week its much softer than I imagined, very huggable and squidgable :)

thanks for looking everyone :)
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