Aimee (bubble_rhapsody) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My Secret Valentine Arrived! :D

After weeks of seeing people post their amazing valentines day gifts...mine finally arrived today!! :D I am so excited to post who was assigned my name, and the MORE THAN AMAZING,GENEROUS AND THOUGHTFUL GIFT ANYONE COULD GIVE ME ;A;

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So I got home from work today and my mailbox was quite empty, just the usual stuff lol. I submitted defeat to my valentine coming this week, but low and behold my door knocked and it came not by regular mail, but UPS! :D My gift was from tsuiling <3 <3

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HOLY HELL IS THIS THING HUGE! Right away I saw the HUGE Grumpig drawing on the side of the box and I felt my heart beating super fast hahaha. I positioned it next to my Sleeping tepig plush for size comparison! @_____@;; What could this be???

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Inside I saw a very nice card! and on the inside was a very sweet message with a cute Grumpig Drawing, and a spoink and Tepig TCG ;w; My favorite line in the card was "...It was sewn with love and care, looking for the right trainer just like you" OMG I SMILED SO BIG <333

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I...Inside....In Plastic....;A;

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Look how huge he is next to my new years plush! I think I about fell over when I saw him emerge from the box! I was NEVER expecting such a generous gift, who was sewn by MouseAlchemist over on Deviantart! and he is made from MINKY FABRIC TOO ASDFGL. I words;A; Thank you so so very much tsuiling . Grumpig is my FAVORITE pokemon of all time, and to have one this big, I just.. IM GUSHING <3333

And to finish this post off, a group photo of all of my Grumpig plush together, all made by myself and various very talented artists!

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I am so happy, what a perfect end to a Week! :'D I was so happy to have participated in the Valentines exchange, everyone gave such amazing and thoughtful gifts. The comm is really an amazing place with amazing people <3

With that being said, I have a HUGE HUGE HUGE collection update coming soon...ish XD Lets just say, my pigs have a new home, and I have many plush, figures, customs, and other things coming to join my pig family :'3 I am waiting for the perfect time however, so I have to wait a little bit longer before I do so <3 Already one of my new members is in my Grumpig group picture! 8'D
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