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Eeveelutions Zukan auction, Mystery Dungeon and more!~

This is going to be a busy post! With work being really hectic lately (I'm a teacher and its the end of term), I haven't had time to do a proper post in a long time! But since things have slowed down, I should be a regular again now!

Firstly, as another member announced yesterday, Mystery Dungeon was released in the UK yesterday! I went to Game today to pick up some of the new Mystery Dungeon toys - they're so cute, and much bigger than I thought they'd be (I guess I'm used to zukan sized figures!).

I got a Chimchar, Piplup and Bidoof - I think Bidoof is my favourite! I managed to get two Piplup, so I've got one still in its bag in the sales post below ^-^

Now - onto the sales! Firstly, I pulled an Eeveelutions zukan! We've already got it, so I'm putting it up for auction here as I know there are quite a few people who have been looking for it, and it seems the fairest way to sell it :)

The zukan is an Eevee/Umbreon/Espeon zukan - it's no longer in its plastic bag, but it's in lovely conditiona nd will be packed very cafefully :) The auction starts at $5 and if you want to bid, please reply to the comment below (as bids outside of the thread will not be counted). The auction ends at Midnight GMT on Wednesday. Shipping is $2 within the UK, and $3 everywhere else ^-^

Everything else is just regular sale, leave a comment if you're interested or would like a question answered.
Shipping for Piplup would be $2.50 in the UK, and $4 anywhere else. The cards cost $1 to ship within the UK, and $2 everywhere else for up to 3 cards ^-^

Mystery Dungeon Piplup - $5  (Gone - Trade arranged!)

Cards (form Top: Palkia, Deoxys, Togekiss, Cresselia, Roserade, Jolteon, Dialgia) - $3 each

Tags: bidoof, cards, chimchar, collection, piplup, sales, zukan
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