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Late intro post

Ok so this introduction is long overdue. Its been a combination of not sure what to say and that I would butcher it. If I butcher this then oh well.

My username is ToothlessAK. I go by Toothless or Nova. I have been a pokemon fan since pokemon green came out and reached the japanese island me and my parents were stationed at. You would expect me to have quite a collection but sadly no. Between a typhoon that destroyed all my things while my mother was still stationed at Kadena AFB, Okinawa Japan; and the movers losing my boxes of things on the military relocation from Alaska to California and then back to Alaska all thats left of my original collection is a old pokedex.

I don't view this as a bad thing though. Now that I moved out and have my own job I can finally start my collection again! ^_^ You see, being in Alaska makes it very hard to find Pokemon merchandise. When Walmart finally did have something besides TGC cards it was only the mini plushes that no one wanted. Since B/W 1 came out all I have seen is woobat plushes. My local comic shop does occasionally get things from japan though.

This is where PKMN collectors comes in. Now I am able to start my collection with the help of a strong knit community. Perhaps I can help others out as well if I see anything interesting in the comic shop.

Some of my favorite Pokemon are ones other people like, however I have mostly oddball favorites. My favorites include: Samarott, Dewott, Oshawatt, Buizel, Grovyle, Houndoom, Houndour, Mightyena, Absol, and Zapdos. Now for some of the oddballs: Dunsparce, Delibird, Lotad, Tropius, Kekleon, Gligar, Gliscor, Weezing, Spiritomb, Durant, and Baltoy. More will be added as I recall them.

I want to collect lots of these so if you have something you think I may like go ahead and offer. Keep in mind I may be picky but only because I have limited space to store things till I have the chance to put back together my display shelves.

I wish to collect a plush of each of these. Whether its official or custom. Plushes I have are: Oshawatt, Dewott, Grovyle, Kekleon (custom), and Dunsparce(Custom). After this is done I will move onto one of each species.

I also wish to start collecting Zuken figures.

At this time I am unable to take pictures but will have some up next update.

Now some things about me...umm I love to meet new people and to have fun. I also love competitive battling. I am pretty decent at it. I have a knack for finding odd facts about things and only learn about them somehow just before its needed to help someone out. So basically I am very serendipitous.

Thanks for your time, Nova.
Tags: dewott, durant, gliscor, grovyle, samurott, spiritomb, weezing
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